That's right. This is an entire blog post dedicated to the adult beverages of New Orleans.

Don't be fooled, I had more adult beverages than are featured here, but if it was wine or a Moscow Mule, I left it out, because I can have that anywhere. I left out all coffee as well. There was a lot of coffee. Especially chicory coffee! We will get to that later.

There is also an absinthe experience that is not included in this post. I thought that deserved it's own moment. Stay tuned for that.

This post is dedicated to the drinks that make New Orleans special. I'm talking hurricanes, grenades, and Dixie beer!

So, without further ado, laissez les bon temps rouler. That is Cajun for 'Let the good times roll.' (Full disclosure, I never actually said or heard that in New Orleans, but when doing research for this post, I found it and thought it was fun!)

Adult Beverages of NOLA

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