South Dakota is fortunate to have the innovative Abbot House in our state. They are serving South Dakotans through their approach to fostering children.

"Abbott House does foster parenting differently. Instead of bringing children into your own home, Abbott House provides a beautiful home, vehicles, and everything you need to support a foster child," the organization says.

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As part of their mission, Abbot House is opening a new facility, the Bridges by Abbott House Therapeutic Foster Home.

They will hold an open house on Monday, June 24 at 10:00 AM for those interested in becoming part of their work.

The new home will serve up to six children. The folks at Abbot House are always looking for married couples to live there and help provide a family environment.

To learn more about the type of foster parenting and tour the new homes during the open house, please get in touch with Alex or Virginia at 605-996-2486 or

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