As we get into July in South Dakota we will be having some of our hottest days of the year. The southeast part of the state usually make out better than our friends to the west. In Sioux Falls we rarely hit the century mark for a daytime high temperature. It'll happen once in a while, but we are spared the stifling heat of the middle of the 605.

We also have it pretty good when it come to humidity. Sure, it'll get nice and sticky for a few days at a time, but it's still not as bad as folks in Nebraska and Iowa have. And no where near as miserable as summer in the southeast Unite States.

All that means that we usually have nice days and pleasant nights in Sioux Falls. It's our reward for making it through the South Dakota winter. But, even in places like Las Vegas, when they have days in the triple digits, the dessert night gives them a reprieve with low at night into the 80's.

Recently the city of Quriyat, Oman in the Middle East set one of the most unwanted world records. They set the record for the highest lowest temperature ever. On Tuesday June 24, 2018 the low temperature in Quriyat was 108.7°F! The high temperature for that day was 121.6°F, which was one degree short of their record high.

Quriyat sits on the coast of the Gulf of Oman in the Northern Indian Ocean, so they have lots of humid ocean air keeping the city warm. That combined with a high pressure system created this boiling day and night.

Source: Weather Underground


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