I'm 33, which is still technically pretty young, and most of the time I feel like I keep up on current trends and lingo, but nothing makes you feel old like being around teenagers. Especially when they seem to speak a different language.

We asked listeners about current slang that they find annoying. Then, it turned into a lesson, where we all worked together to define these new words in our vernacular.

I think we all learned some new things this morning.

Here are a few comments from our listeners via our text line.

  • Slang. He looks fresh. Meaning he looks good Hot
  • I hate "I know right!" Makes me want to claw my eyeballs out
  • I don't get "stan". What does that mean? ----Stan, according to Urban Dictionary, "A crazed and or obsessed fan. The term comes from the song Stan by eminem. The term Stan is used to describe a fan who goes to great lengths to obsess over a celebrity."
  • My daughter and her teenage friends call a cute boy a snack.
  • Slide into my DM. Slide ? Slip ? I don't know . I'm old.
  • Visco girl?!?! Sk-sk-sk?!?! All three of my kids (16,13,11) do BET. UGH!
  • Tongue wrestle.... I'm not going to tongue wrestle with you... Argue with you
  • THIS one that irritates me... "You're cancelled" (If you're being ridiculous or your idea is to fat out there or what you're doing is considered unacceptable... youngsters will retaliate with "your cancelled")
  • I work on a college campus and hear kids say the words Gucci and Salty! I guess using the words cool and rude are no longer the it words!
  • My teenage daughter and her friends all say low-key all the time like that is low-key shade or that is low-key funny meaning slightly. 
  • And they say full send if someone is making a snarky but truthful comments like you would send the complete text or email without editing it
  • What does and I oop mean? Is it like a mistake? ----Still no idea what this means.
  • VSCO is an editing app that now represents 90s style girls. Scrunchies, hydra flasks, etc
  • Sksksk comes from the hydro flasks the vsco girls use. The sksksk is because of the ending sound
  •  I oop... is some new thing everyone says to "make fun" of these girls called "vsco girls" at school. They wear the 1980's hair scrunchies... they walk around with the hydroflask water bottles... or something lol according to my 6th and 8th grade sons
  • So bet pretty much means, like want to make a bet or bet that I won't

Now, I want everyone to use bet, VSCO, and I ooop in a sentence today.

Just kidding, I'm still not sure I know what any of this means.

I think one texter said it best when they sent in this comment: "This should be the topic every 3 months since lingo changes so frequently! Some of us aren't too up to date with slang."


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