Don't be like this guy. Those socks need to go! Throwing away old worn-out socks? Yeah, me too. But there's another option on the table right here in Sioux Falls - and your dog is going to love it.

This really is genius. A Colorado-based company Smartwool wants your old socks to turn into dog beds. You can drop off your unwanted socks in collection bins at select retailers in 42 different states till May 2nd. In Sioux Falls, you can drop them off at the Great Outdoor Store located at 201 E 10th. In Rapid City, you can bring your old socks to Roam'n Around at 512 Main Street.

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You can also mail your socks directly to Smartwool, but you’ll need to order something and then they’ll send you a bag to mail them in. Just make sure to wash them first.

And it seems good for the environment as old socks are apparently hard to recycle. And there are approximately 11.3 million tons of textiles thrown away every year.

Imagine that. Recycling ideas at their finest! For more information, check out the video below.

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