Police dispatchers are trained to deal with a number of situations - and, thankfully, a dispatcher in Lafayette, Indiana knew her numbers when a boy recently called 911 looking for help with his homework.

Lafayette Police dispatcher Antonia Bundy answered the call from the boy, who said he had had "a bad day at school." He said he had "tons of homework" and was having a difficult time with fractions.

According to the transcripts, that's when the dispatcher asked the boy about his bad day. "You had a bad day at school? Yeah. What happened that made you have a bad day at school? Math, it's so hard."

That's when Bundy switched from being a 911 dispatcher to a math teacher and helped the little boy solve the equation: three-fourths plus one-fourth. She had him take out a piece of paper to figure out the answer - which, by the way, is one. The boy then thanked the dispatcher and apologized for calling 911.

The boy's identity remains a mystery, and police say he's not in any trouble. In fact, the Lafayette police department commended Bundy for lifting the student's spirits, but also reminded the public not to use 911 as a homework hotline.

Source: Associated Press

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