South Dakota usually is referred to by most of the country and world as just a part of the midwest or also known as simply 'flyover country.'

What some may not know is that South Dakota has provided the world with some amazing things over the past few generations.

In fact, South Dakota is quite the invent state as we set a state record for patents and had a total of 129 in 2013.

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Here are seven things the Mount Rushmore State has provided the world with:

1) Cyclotron

A cyclotron is a device that is used currently in laboratories to help with physics experiments and was invented by Ernest O. Lawrence who was born in Canton, SD. The cyclotron also assisted in the discovery of plutonium neptunium, and even in cancer treatments.

2) Armored Motor Car

The armored motor car was actually invented in Sioux Falls by Waldo A. Ross in 1920.

"These improvements were designed to make the armored car safer and more effective. The patent also details another objective which is “to provide a light, cheap, and effective armored car.” Armored cars such as these were mostly used by the armed forces"-Suiter Swantz Intellectual Property.

3) The Ejector Seat

The ejector seat was again designed right here in Sioux Falls by two gentlemen named Russell A. Pohl and Clyde L. Pritchard. The “Pilot Aerial Survival System” was patented on July 29, 1969.

"This ejector seat includes a canopy as well as a heater so the user is able to sustain altitude and control their descent, making it is easier for them to choose a suitable landing area. These improvements made the canopy more like a hot air balloon than a true ejector seat"-Suiter Swantz Intellectual Property.

4) The Little House On The Prarie Books

Did you know that the Litlle House On The Prarie book series was written about Laura Inglis Wilder's life in DeSmet, SD? That's right, little second and third graders your reading about what life was like in early South Dakota.

5) T-Rex Skeleton

West River South Dakota gave the world Sue, the most complete Tyrannosaurus rex fossil skeleton ever found to date.

6) Black Hills Gold Jewelry

Black Hills gold was first put in jewelry by craftsman Henri LeBeau in the 1870s.

7) Modern Hot Air Ballons

Raven Industries has been a huge innovator in hot air balloons ever since its inception all the way back in the 1950s.

Source: Suiter Swantz Intellectual Property

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