I am proud to say that I work out frequently enough that I actually require a gym membership. A few weeks ago my gym announced they were closing so I had to find a new one. When I got the tour of the gym I ended up joining they left out the part about the older guys who walk around naked.

This was something I had not encountered at previous gyms I belonged to. Most of the people at my previous gym were in their 40's or younger and only a handful of them actually changed and showered. Most would wear their gym clothes to the gym and shower at home. Not the old dudes at my new gym.

Yesterday, prior to my workout, a guy in his late 50's or early 60's was seemed to go out of his way to let everyone in the locker room know he was naked and unafraid. He walked all the way through the locker room naked to grab a towel from the other side, held the towel as he walked to the shower. Then a minute later came out of the shower area, again with the towel in his hand and not wrapped around him, and put the towel in the bin and walked totally naked through the entire locker room again.

Apparently old guys in the locker room isn't the only odd naked behavior there is. We got all kinds of weird stuff in text messages during the show this morning.

  • In high school these two weird guys got into a fight butt naked in the showers the coach and came out looked at it shook his head went back into the office nobody wanted to see it.
  • Well I remember a time, I finished working out! I go to sit in the sauna and 3 old ladies peeked inside to see if there were seats after water aerobics. The they all came back in naked and sat on there towels and talked! I had the keep my eyes