I like Oreos. Most people do. But I was never a big fan of Double Stuf Oreos. I don't know why I just thought it was too extra. So what would I think of Mega Stuf?

My wife brought home a package of these treats. After turning my nose at them I wondered if perhaps my palette had changed since I was a kid.

Yes, I disliked Double Stuf as a kid. It makes no sense, I know. I just figured they would too much. Like how my wife's brownie frosting is one of the most amazing and addictive things I can eat, but after a while, it's just too much butter and sugar.

So I gave the Mega Stuf a try. I did not hate it at all. I couldn't say why my memory of Double Stuf was that of a negative experience, but Mega Stuf was awesome. After posting the above photo on my Instagram and Facebook, some noted that we may have gotten cheated, or at least I did on that particular Oreo, but I thought it was plenty.

Now, what about Most Stuff?

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