Everyone on planet earth will agree that the year 2020 has had its challenges. And it all began only a month into the year when we first heard about this new strain emerging out of China that could become a world-wide health pandemic. The Coronavirus took center stage and left a heap of unemployment and tragedies in its wake. Throw in an election, racial injustice, earthquakes, and weather-related calamities, and we're all ready to see this year in the rearview mirror.

But let's look at the good things that have emerged out of 2020. Here are 5 of them that will perhaps make you think it wasn't so bad after all. Because we really need any silver linings we can get:

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    Rediscovering the Great Outdoors

    There was a huge surge in outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. Tents and camping gear were in high demand as we clamored for wide-open spaces. We breathed fresh air and enjoyed nature for the first time in many cases - and it did not disappoint.

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    Working From Home Really Works

    We were resourceful and found ways to work from home. No clean pants for that Zoom meeting? No problem. Just don't stand up. Happy Hour began a little earlier every day and most reports show the work-force actually become more productive.

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    Pet Adoptions Are Way Up

    One of the best things I heard about 2020 is that pets who needed a forever home found one. Local animal shelters were finding families for pets unlike any other year before.

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    Your House Gained Value

    Real estate literally went through the roof and we found more value in our equity.

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    More Family Time

    Without being constantly on the go with sports, work functions, and social gatherings, family time increased. We rediscovered core family values and spent more time together with books, movies, and cooking.

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