5 reasons that South Dakota is a state not to mess with.

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    We Like Things Extreme

    South Dakota  is home to a hardy lot. You have to be to live on the tundra in the winter and the desert in the summer. The state record for highest temp is 120 degrees on July 5, 1936 in Gann Valley. And the coldest day was was on February 17 1936 when Macintosh dropped to -58. And there's this:

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    Clark, South Dakota is Home to the World Famous Mashed Potato Wrestling

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    It's the Only State That Hunts and Eats it's Official State Bird

    The state bird is the Chinese ring-necked pheasant and hunting season is big money. And the meadowlark looks like it'd be too stringy.

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    South Dakota Likes to Get High and Be at the Center of Things

    At an elevation of 7,242 feet, Black Elk Peak is the highest point east of the Rocky Mountains and Belle Fourche is the geographical center of the United States of America.


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