Each day brings us closer to spring and that sweet, sweet not freezing weather. Days when your nose hairs don't freeze as soon as you walk out the door. The dream of March is alive in South Dakota.

As much as we look forward to the end of the winter road, there are some good things that come with the cold.

1) No Bugs

With the exception of one rouge fly that has been bothering me lately, the winter cold is the best exterminator of all. In South Dakota we don't usually deal with all that many bugs in the first place. The southeast can have them; along with all the humidity. But, it;s still good to know that I can prop open the door while I'm bringing in groceries and know that the junebug bargride won't try to invade my house with their giant gross buzzingness.

2) The Whole World is a Freezer (Or at Least a Refrigerator)

Speaking of groceries, in the winter there is no hurry to get the ice cream and milk home. If you got a few errands to run, those fishsticks will be just fine in the trunk.

3) You Can Get Away With Wearing Anything

When the daytime highs don't climb above zero all week, you can wear any oddball combo of clothes and nobody will look twice. Jeans over sweatpants with a hoodie under a suit jacket? The only question you may get will be about how many pairs of socks you have on.

4) You Get the Perfect Excuse to Stay Home

Even if you're a homebody hermit, it's hard to deny the beauty of a perfect late spring day in Sioux Falls.You cannot resist that urge to get out and enjoy it. Even if you just take you phone and watch Netflix outside.

But in the dead of a 605 winter, when the sun rises after breakfast and sets well befor supper, nobody thinks you're an antisocial weirdo if you stay bundled-up in your house for days at a time. They just think you have the good sense not to go out into the icebox.

5) No Yard Work

The first freeze and snowfall of the season may signal the arrival of the darkness that is winter. But, they also signal the end of yard work! The cold stops the grass and weeds from growing. The snow covers up the leaves the wind didn't blow away.

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