The dog freezes. Funny dog wrapped in a warm blanket
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Growing up in the northern Plains of South Dakota makes a person tough. Especially when it comes to weather like this. With the temperature somewhere around 25 below zero and wind chills twice that and lower there are practical concerns that come into play. We don't pull the covers up over our heads we put on an extra pair of socks.

On the farm three things come to mind. First, are the waters for the livestock frozen? Second, keeping your machinery running. And third, getting feed to the animals. Sleep and feeding yourself usually came after that.

Here in the city we make sure to layer-up if going outside is a must. Letting the car warm up enough. And only let the dog out long enough to squat, sniff and hustle back indoors.

Looking in the fridge to see if everything is stocked may remind you to call your elderly neighbors to check on their well being. If you can walk over to their house to check on them even better.

Seasoning! That's what it takes to get through the winter months in South Dakota. We use our common sense, we take care of our own and lend a hand to those next to us.

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