Sioux Falls Police are attempting to find the person or people behind a burglary that happened at a construction site on the south side of Sioux Falls sometime over the weekend.

KSFY TV is reporting the theft took place in the 1800 block of west 88th street.

According to the KSFY, thieves removed the sliding door from the back of a home under construction to gain entry. The police report states that nearly $4,000 worth of tools were taken from the job site. The theft now has contractors at a crossroads, waiting to figure out where the stolen tools went, or being forced to purchase new tools to continue working on the project.

Chad McCoy, a contractor on the site told KSFY, "Even though we had it locked up as tight as we possibly could at the time we're going to look into getting game trail cameras that will alert us and take a picture as soon as someone walks in the door or walks on the property. It's incredibly frustrating, I mean when you come to work and even on a Sunday I’m also building the house myself now that sets us back a day that we don't get back ever again."

Sioux Falls Police have a few recommendations for every construction job site. First, to record the serial numbers on all equipment, making it easier to track the items in the event of a theft. Secondly, consider installing an alarm system with cameras on the job site.

Sioux Falls Police Department Officer Sam Clemens, told KSFY, "I’d say probably over the years we've seen a decrease in the amount of thefts from construction trailers, but it still can happen when new developments like these start. These newer neighborhoods are more vulnerable to theft."

Authorities want to remind all residents if you see something, please say something.

Source: KSFY TV

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