Sioux Falls Police say a four-year-old boy jumped out of a third story window.

Lt. Kyle Hoekstra says the incident took place Wednesday in an apartment located in the 4700 block of east sixth street.

"The child had opened the window in the apartment which would be the third story window. He had decided to parachute out using one of his pillow cases. The boy grabbed his teddy bear and thought he would be able to parachute to the ground. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. He did fall from the third story window.

Hoekstra, who says a screen was not on the window, urges adults with children to make sure windows are kept secure.

'In situations where you have a youngster, it might not be a bad idea to keep the windows locked. It's true that even a screen can't keep a child inside if they want to get out."

The boy suffered a broken leg.

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