Odds are very good that someone you know is struggling with hunger right now. In South Dakota 1 out of every 8 people are what the government refers to euphemistically as "food insecure." That translates (in case you were uncertain) to hungry.

Over a third of the families who are helped by Feeding South Dakota and its subsidiaries are working poor. Ask a person who can't feed themselves or their kids, while working two or three jobs, if they're "food insecure" and they'll give you such a look! And now that summer is here, children who were getting free or reduced cost lunches at school could be going without or with a lot less,which makes it even more important for us to help.

What you can do to make a difference is very simple; think about it and then do something. Maybe something like this- -Feeding South Dakota is launching "Share Lunch Fight Hunger" June 13th through 17th, 2016. Everyone is being asked to donate the cost of one lunch out (around $10) to Feeding South Dakota. That $10 donation will provide 50 meals to hungry community members.

Feeding South Dakota provided almost 5400 weekend food packages to children last year and almost 29,000 families were helped through Feeding South Dakota's Food Pantry programs. So as you can see, in our state where we have 3 of the poorest counties in the nation, there are a lot of people struggling to afford food.

So maybe, just maybe, one day, from June 13th thru the 17th, you PB&J it, brown-bag style, and send a check to "Share Lunch Fight Hunger". Don't misunderstand me, giving non-perishable food items to Feeding South Dakota is always welcome, always! But with their charitable partners help, for every $1 donated, 5 meals can be purchased, as an individual purchasing 5 meals it would cost you around $10.

If you knew that bringing lunch from home or even skipping lunch one day and donating what you would have spent on it could feed so many hungry people, wouldn't you do it!

If knowing more statistics about hunger in our state would help you make up your mind, take a look here. If you've already decided to help, donate here.

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