These Jingle Johns have a very unique way of saying goodbye to a well...crappy year. Take 32 porta-potties, sync the Christmas lights, and add a touch of the beloved 'Christmas Vacation' movie and you've got a hit.


Credit for this masterpiece goes to the creative folks at Service Sanitation based out of Gary, Indiana. Perhaps they knew we desperately needed to flush 2020 away. They've been doing something like this for seven years and has grown in popularity to the point where these Jingle Johns even go on tour. Yes, you can request them to show up at an event. Are you listening to Falls Park?  They've gone all out decorating and syncing up Christmas lights on these now-famous porta-potties to the 'Hallelujah Chorus' and the result is fantastic. Sprinkle in some quotes from the Griswold's or Buddy the Elf and get ready to smile.

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