So this all started this morning on the show when were talking about expensive things that people have lost. I recalled a couple times in school when kids would accidentally throw away their retainers, they would then sometimes dig in the garbage because they are expensive to replace. Gross.

Andy then asked if a retainer was before or after braces and I said both. I have a retainer for after I had braces to retain where my teeth are. Basically so they don't move back. But I went on to say that everybody's teeth move all the time. He didn't believe me.

Here are two references that say I'm right.

Also, Andy likes to give me a hard time because I said once a long time ago that you can get a sunburn even on a cloudy day. He claims it's never happened to him so it can't be true. Well, it is true and I'm right.

Here are two references that say I'm right. Cosmo and CNN wouldn't lie!

Lastly, for the perfect high five, don't stare at the other person's hand, look at their elbow. A friend of mine brought this up over the weekend and we were all amazed at how well it worked. Of course, Andy didn't believe it and had to test it out. Andy is the only person I've done this with that it didn't work. He has the weirdest wind up and extreme follow through for a high five I've ever seen. Plus, I think he subconsciously is sabotaging the experiment because he doesn't want me to be right and therefore win!

Andy argued the only reason this worked over the weekend was because I had been drinking and we were at a bar, but I would argue that helps my point! Staring at the elbow made it possible for even drunk people to perfect a high five!

Here are two references that say I'm right. Buzzfeed and Urban Dictionary are basically the only sources you need to live.

Here is a video that says I'm right.

You're welcome!

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