It seems like everywhere we turn, there's something pointing to our country being divided on various issues. My goodness, now sports and politics are in a tangle over the "Star Spangled Banner" of all things.

But one thing we are still together on is Halloween. Nobody is messing with our spooky holiday. It's just to scary to even think of interfering with the night of monsters and candy.

As a matter of fact, Americans are so together on Halloween, they plan on spending a record amount of money on it.

Analysts say that 2017 will be a new all time record for money spent on Trick or Treating. It is forecast that Americans will dish out $9.1 billion this year.

Of that, $3.4 billion spent on costumes and $2.7 billion on candy alone. Plus decorations, greeting cards, parties and more.

Halloween, for what ever reason, seems to get bigger every year. See most popular costumes for 2017.

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