For many of us, they're as much a part of holiday tradition as eggnog and the mistletoe!

And they're all back: Rudolph, George Bailey, the Grinch, Charlie Brown's little tree, Scrooge, Ralphie and his Red Ryder BB gun, coming soon to a TV screen near you. Here is a list of all of the holiday specials, cartoons, and movies:

11.2112:00amHALMRKThanksgivingLove at the Thanksgiving Day Parade
12:02amLIFEMOVIECrazy for Christmas
2:00amHALMRKMOVIEOnce Upon a Christmas
2:02amLIFEMOVIEChristmas Crash
4:00amHALMRKMOVIEFallen Angel 
6:00amHALMRKMOVIEKarroll's Christmas
8:00amHALMRKMOVIETwice Upon a Christmas 
10:00amLMNMOVIEHoliday High School Reunion
11:00amHGTVTV SHOWHoliday Kitchen Takeover
12:30pmWEThanksgivingRoseanne - Thanksgiving 1994
1:00pmABCFAMTV SHOW8 Simple Rules - All I Want for Christmas
2:00pmHALMRKMOVIEA Season For Miracles
2:00pmLMNMOVIEOn Strike for Christmas 
2:40pmENCMOVIEChristmas With the Kranks
4:00pmHALMRKMOVIEFallen Angel
4:00pmFXXTV SHOWParks and Recreation - Christmas Scandal
4:00pmLMNMOVIEA Christmas Proposal
5:30pmFOODThanksgivingTrisha's Southern Kitchen - A Yearwood Thanksgiving
6:00pmHALMRKMOVIEOnce Upon a Christmas
6:00pmLMNMOVIEChristmas on Chestnut Street
8:00pmHALMRKMOVIEThe Christmas Ornament
8:00pmLMNMOVIEA Christmas Wedding
8:00pmCBSThanksgivingThe Big Bang Theory - The Thanksgiving Decoupling  NEW
9:30pmNBCThanksgivingThe Michael J. Fox Show - Thanksgiving  NEW
10:00pmHALMRKMOVIESnow Bride
10:00pmBBCTV SHOWDoctor Who - A Christmas Carol
10:00pmFXXTV SHOWHow I Met Your Mother - How Lily Stole Christmas
10:00pmLMNMOVIERecipe for a Perfect Christmas
11.2212:00amABCFAMMOVIEChristmas in Boston
12:00amHALMRKMOVIETwice Upon a Christmas 
12:00amLMNMOVIEA Christmas Wedding
12:30amFXXTV SHOWParks and Recreation - Christmas Scandal
1:25amENCMOVIEChristmas With the Kranks
2:00amHALMRKMOVIEKarroll's Christmas
2:00amLMNMOVIERecipe for a Perfect Christmas
2:30pmLRWFOODThe Main Ingredient With Bobby Flay - Holiday Buffet Style
4:00amHALMRKMOVIEBattle Of The Bulbs
6:00amHALMRKMOVIEA Season For Miracles
8:00amHALMRKMOVIEFarewell Mr. Kringle
8:30amA&ETV SHOWDog the Bounty Hunter - The Thief Who Stole Christmas
9:00amFXTV SHOWEllen - The Christmas Show
10:00amFOODThanksgivingFood Network Challenge - Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Cakes
1:00pmFOODThanksgivingSemi-Homemade Cooking With Sandra Lee - Thanksgiving Leftovers
2:00pmHALMRKMOVIEBattle Of The Bulbs
4:00pmHALMRKMOVIEThe Santa Suit
6:00pmHALMRKMOVIECatch a Christmas Star
6:00pmLIFEMOVIE12 Men of Christmas
8:00pmHALMRKMOVIEEloise At Christmastime
8:00pmLIFEMOVIEAll She Wants for Christmas
8:00pmABCThanksgivingLast Man Standing - Thanksgiving  NEW
8:00pmFOODThanksgivingUnwrapped - Thanksgiving Favorites
9:30pmFOODThanksgivingDiners, Drive-Ins and Dives - A Triple D Thanksgiving
10:00pmHALMRKMOVIEA Bride for Christmas
10:00pmLIFEMOVIEThe Twelve Trees of Christmas
11.2312:00amHALMRKMOVIEFarewell Mr. Kringle
12:00amLIFEMOVIEAll She Wants for Christmas
12:30amFOODThanksgivingDiners, Drive-Ins and Dives - A Triple D Thanksgiving
2:00amHALMRKMOVIEAll I Want for Christmas
2:00amLIFEMOVIEThe Twelve Trees of Christmas
4:00amHALMRKMOVIEThe Santa Suit
6:00amHALMRKMOVIEThe Dog Who Saved Christmas
8:00amHALMRKMOVIEEloise At Christmastime
10:00amHALMRKMOVIEA Bride for Christmas
10:00amFOODThanksgivingThe Pioneer Woman - Thanksgiving
11:00amFOODThanksgivingBarefoot Contessa - Thanksgiving Pot Luck
11:30amFOODThanksgivingGiada at Home - Thanksgiving Favorites
12:00pmFOODThanksgivingThanksgiving Live  NEW
12:00pmHALMRKMOVIEAll I Want for Christmas
12:00pmLIFEMOVIEA Dad for Christmas
2:00pmHALMRKMOVIECatch a Christmas Star
2:00pmCMTThanksgivingReba - Thanksgiving
2:00pmLIFEMOVIEHome by Christmas
3:00pmFOODThanksgivingChopped - A Chopped Thanksgiving
4:00pmHALMRKMOVIEThe Christmas Ornament
6:00pmHALMRKMOVIEHelp for the Holidays
6:00pmLIFEMOVIEThe Twelve Trees of Christmas
7:00pmBIOFOODAmerican Eats - Holiday Foods
7:30pmFOODThanksgivingDiners, Drive-Ins and Dives - A Triple D Thanksgiving
8:00pmHALMRKMOVIEWindow Wonderland NEW
8:00pmLIFEMOVIEKristin's Christmas Past  NEW
10:00pmHALMRKMOVIEDebbie Macomber's Trading Christmas
10:00pmLIFEMOVIELove at the Christmas Table
10:00pmNIKThanksgivingFull House - The Miracle of Thanksgiving
11.2412:00amHALMRKMOVIEMistletoe Over Manhattan
12:00amLIFEMOVIEKristin's Christmas Past
2:00amHALMRKMOVIEThe Dog Who Saved Christmas
2:00amLIFEMOVIELove at the Christmas Table
4:00amHALMRKMOVIELucky Christmas
6:00amHALMRKMOVIEDebbie Macomber's Trading Christmas
7:00amFOODThanksgivingBarefoot Contessa - Thanksgiving Countdown
8:00amFOODThanksgivingThe Pioneer Woman - Thanksgiving
8:00amHALMRKMOVIEMistletoe Over Manhattan
9:00amABCFAMMOVIEA Dennis the Menace Christmas
10:00amHALMRKMOVIEHelp for the Holidays
10:12amTVLANDTV SHOWThe Brady Bunch - The Voice of Christmas
11:00amLIFEMOVIEHoliday Switch
11:00amIONMOVIEMandie and the Forgotten Christmas
1:00pmIONMOVIEA Holiday Heist
12:00pmHALMRKMOVIELucky Christmas
12:00pmFOODThanksgivingThanksgiving Live
1:00pmLIFEMOVIEAn Accidental Christmas
2:00pmHALMRKMOVIEWindow Wonderland
3:00pmIONMOVIEA Golden Christmas
3:00pmLIFEMOVIEAll About Christmas Eve
4:00pmHALMRKMOVIESnow Bride
5:00pmIONMOVIEChristmas Town
5:00pmLIFEMOVIELove at the Christmas Table
5:30pmFOODThanksgivingDiners, Drive-Ins and Dives - A Triple D Thanksgiving
6:00pmFOODThanksgivingThanksgiving Live
6:00pmHALMRKMOVIENaughty or Nice
7:00pmIONMOVIEAnything But Christmas
7:30pmTBSCARTOONHow the Grinch Stole Christmas
8:00pmLIFEMOVIEKristin's Christmas Past
10:00pmHALMRKMOVIEMoonlight and Mistletoe
11:00pmIONMOVIEChristmas Twister
11.2512:00amHALMRKMOVIESnow Bride
12:02amLIFEMOVIEKristin's Christmas Past
12:30amNIKThanksgivingFriends - The One with the Late Thanksgiving
1:00amIONMOVIEA Golden Christmas 2
2:00amHALMRKMOVIEThree Wise Women
4:00amHALMRKMOVIEAngel in the Family
5:00amA&ETV SHOWDog the Bounty Hunter - The Thief Who Stole Christmas
5:40amCINEMAXSPECIALMaking of "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas"
6:00amHALMRKMOVIESingle Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus
8:00amHALMRKMOVIENaughty or Nice (2012)
10:30amFOODThanksgivingAlex's Day Off - An Early Thanksgiving
11:30amFXXThanksgivingThe Hughleys - Thanksgiving
12:30pmFOODThanksgivingBarefoot Contessa - Thanksgiving
2:00pmHALMRKMOVIEThree Wise Women
2:00pmCINEMAXMOVIEA Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
3:00pmFOODThanksgivingGiada at Home - Thanksgiving Favorites
4:00pmHALMRKMOVIEMoonlight and Mistletoe
4:00pmFOODThanksgivingBarefoot Contessa - Thanksgiving Pot Luck
4:30pmFOODThanksgivingBarefoot Contessa - Thanksgiving Countdown
5:00pmFOODThanksgivingThe Pioneer Woman - Thanksgiving
6:00pmHALMRKMOVIEA Very Merry Mix-Up
6:00pmLIFEMOVIERecipe for a Perfect Christmas
6:00pmPBSThanksgivingMartha Speaks - Martha's Thanksgiving
6:30pmFOODThanksgivingDiners, Drive-Ins and Dives - A Triple D Thanksgiving
7:00pmABCFAMMOVIERichie Rich's Christmas Wish
8:00pmHALMRKMOVIEHome & Family Holiday Special NEW
8:00pmLIFEMOVIEThe Road to Christmas
10:00pmHALMRKMOVIESingle Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus
10:00pmLIFEMOVIEThe Christmas Hope
10:00pmCARTOONThanksgivingThe Cleveland Show - A General Thanksgiving Episode
11:30pmCARTOONThanksgivingFamily Guy - Thanksgiving
11.2612:00amHALMRKMOVIEMeet The Santas
12:00amLIFEMOVIEThe Road to Christmas
2:00amHALMRKMOVIEA Carol Christmas
2:00amLIFEMOVIEThe Christmas Hope
4:00amHALMRKMOVIEChristmas Song
6:00amHALMRKMOVIEA Very Merry Mix-Up
8:00amHALMRKMOVIEMeet The Santas
12:30pmFOODThanksgivingBarefoot Contessa - Thanksgiving 2.0
2:00pmHALMRKMOVIEChristmas Song
4:00pmFOODThanksgivingThanksgiving Live
4:00pmHALMRKMOVIEIt's Christmas, Carol!
5:00pmABCFAMThanksgivingThe Middle - Thanksgiving
5:30pmABCFAMThanksgivingThe Middle - Thanksgiving II
6:00pmABCFAMThanksgivingThe Middle - Thanksgiving III
6:00pmHALMRKMOVIEThe Christmas Pageant
7:00pmABCFAMMOVIEChristmas Bounty
8:00pmHALMRKMOVIENovember Christmas
8:45pmABCFAMMOVIEChristmas Bounty
9:00pmFOXThanksgivingNew Girl - Thanksgiving III  NEW
10:00pmHALMRKMOVIECatch a Christmas Star
10:00pmLIFEMOVIEA Dad for Christmas
10:03pmABCFAMThanksgivingThe Middle - Thanksgiving IV
11:00pmHISTThanksgivingThe Real Story of Thanksgiving
11.2712:00amHALMRKMOVIEChristmas Magic
2:00amHALMRKMOVIEThe Christmas Pageant
2:02amLIFEMOVIEA Dad for Christmas
3:03amHISTThanksgivingThe Real Story of Thanksgiving
4:00amHALMRKMOVIEIt's Christmas, Carol!
4:50amENCMOVIEChristmas with the Kranks
6:00amHALMRKMOVIENovember Christmas
8:00amHALMRKThanksgivingOld-Fashioned Thanksgiving
8:30amPBSCARTOONThe Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas!
10:00amPBSCARTOONElmo's Christmas Countdown
10:00amFOODThanksgivingThanksgiving Live
10:00amNIKThanksgivingDora the Explorer - Dora's Thanksgiving Day Parade
10:30amFXXThanksgivingMad About You - The Thanksgiving Show
11:00amFXXThanksgivingThe Hughleys - Thanksgiving
11:30amNIKThanksgivingMax & Ruby - Max's Thanksgiving; Max's Pretend Friend; Fireman Max
12:00pmABCFAMThanksgivingReba - Thanksgiving
1:30pmABCFAMThanksgiving8 Simple Rules - Thanksgiving Guest
3:30pmPBSCARTOONThe Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas!
4:00pmHALMRKMOVIECatch a Christmas Star
4:30pmMTVMOVIETim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
5:00pmFXThanksgivingTwo and a Half Men - Merry Thanksgiving
6:15pmENCMOVIEChristmas with the Kranks
8:00pmHALMRKMOVIEChristmas Magic
8:30pmABCThanksgivingLast Man Standing - Thanksgiving
9:00amNBCThanksgivingSNL Thanksgiving
10:00pmHALMRKMOVIEThe Christmas Ornament
11:00pmNIKThanksgivingFriends - The One with the Late Thanksgiving
11.2812:12amNIKThanksgivingFriends - The One with the Thanksgiving Flashbacks
1:00amTVGNSPECIALThe Cast of "A Christmas Story": Where Are They Now
2:00amHALMRKThanksgivingA Family Thanksgiving
4:00amHALMRKThanksgivingAn Old Fashioned Thanksgiving
5:00amCARTOONThanksgivingThe Cleveland Show - Another Bad Thanksgiving
6:00amHALMRKThanksgivingLove at the Thanksgiving Day Parade
6:00amTLCThanksgivingCake Boss: Family Feast - Cake Boss: Thanksgiving Special
6:30amPBSThanksgivingMartha Speaks - Martha's Thanksgiving
8:00amABCFAMThanksgivingThat '70s Show - Thanksgiving
8:00amHALMRKThanksgivingThe Thanksgiving House
8:00amPBSCARTOONThe Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas!
8:00amNIKThanksgivingDora the Explorer - Dora's Thanksgiving Day Parade
8:30amBRAVOThanksgivingTop Chef - Thanksgiving
9:00amNBCSPECIALMacy's Thanksgiving Day Parade LIVE
9:00amWPIX (NY)MOVIEMarch of the Wooden Soldiers
9:00amCBSSPECIALThanksgiving Day Parade LIVE
9:30amBRAVOThanksgivingTop Chef: New York - Foo Fighters Thanksgiving
10:00amHALMRKMOVIECancel Christmas
10:30amWEThanksgivingRoseanne -Thanksgiving 1991
11:00amWEThanksgivingRoseanne -Thanksgiving 1993
11:00amWPIX (NY)TV SHOWThe Honeymooners - Twas the Night Before Christmas
11:11amCOMEDYTV SHOWSouth Park - Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo
11:30amDISNEYThanksgivingGood Luck Charlie - It's a Charlie Duncan Thanksgiving
11:30amWEThanksgivingRoseanne -Thanksgiving 1994
11:42amCOMEDYTV SHOWSouth Park - Merry Christmas, Charlie Manson!
12:00pmMTVMOVIETim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
12:00pmTBSThanksgivingFriends - The One with the Thanksgiving Flashbacks
12:12pmCOMEDYTV SHOWSouth Park - A Very Crappy Christmas
12:30pmFXXTV SHOWHow I Met Your Mother - How Lily Stole Christmas
2:00pmHALMRKThanksgivingA Family Thanksgiving
2:30pmTBSThanksgivingFriends - The One with the Late Thanksgiving
3:00pmPBSCARTOONThe Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas!
4:00pmHALMRKThanksgivingLove at the Thanksgiving Day Parade
4:15pmIFCTV SHOWThe Three Stooges - Half-Wits Holiday
5:55pmCOMEDYSPECIALJeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special
6:00pmPBSThanksgivingMartha Speaks - Martha's Thanksgiving
6:00pmHALMRKThanksgivingThe Thanksgiving House
7:00pmCMTThanksgivingReba - Thanksgiving
7:00pmDISNEYThanksgivingGood Luck Charlie - It's a Charlie Duncan Thanksgiving
8:00pmABCCARTOONA Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 
8:00pmTBSThanksgivingFamily Guy - Thanksgiving
 8:00pmCMTMOVIEA Christmas Story 2
9:30pmABCSPECIALLady Gaga & The Muppets' Holiday Spectacular NEW
10:00pmHALMRKMOVIEA Bride for Christmas
 11:32pmCOMEDYSPECIALJeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special
11.2912:00amABCFAMMOVIEI'll Be Home for Christmas
12:00amHALMRKMOVIEChristmas Dance
2:00amHALMRKMOVIEA Christmas Wish
4:00amHALMRKMOVIECancel Christmas
8:00amLIFEMOVIEThe Family Holiday
10:00amHALMRKMOVIEChristmas Dance
10:00amLIFEMOVIEHome by Christmas
11:00amWETV SHOWRoseanne - No Place like Home for the Holidays
11:15amIFCTV SHOWMalcolm in the Middle - Christmas Trees
11:30amWETV SHOWRoseanne - White Trash Christmas
12:00pmHALMRKMOVIEA Bride for Christmas
12:30pmWETV SHOWRoseanne - Home for the Holidays
12:30pmDISXDCARTOONPhineas and Ferb - A Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas
2:00pmLIFEMOVIEThe March Sisters at Christmas
3:54pmCOMEDYTV SHOWSouth Park - Merry Christmas, Charlie Manson!
4:00pmLIFEMOVIEA Christmas Proposal
4:00pmWETV SHOWWill & Grace - Homo for the Holidays
4:58pmCOMEDYTV SHOWSouth Park - A Very Crappy Christmas
5:30pmCOMEDYTV SHOWSouth Park - It's Christmas in Canada
6:00pmLIFEMOVIEA Nanny For Christmas
7:00pmIONMOVIEA Golden Christmas 3
7:00pmSOAPTV SHOWBeverly Hills, 90210 - Walsh Family Christmas
7:30pmWETV SHOWWill & Grace - Homo for the Holidays
8:00pmABCCARTOONHow the Grinch Stole Christmas
8:00pmCBSCARTOONHoops&Yoyo Ruin Christmas
8:00pmDISNEYCARTOONGood Luck Jessie:NY Christmas NEW
8:00pmHALMRKMOVIEDebbie Macomber's Trading Christmas
8:00pmSOAPTV SHOWBeverly Hills, 90210 - Walsh Family Christmas
8:00pmTBSMOVIESurviving Christmas
8:30pmABCCARTOONShrek the Halls
9:45pmTCMMOVIEChristmas in July
10:00pmHALMRKMOVIEA Christmas Wish
10:00pmLIFEMOVIELove at the Christmas Table
10:00pmTBSMOVIEThis Christmas
 11:00pmIONMOVIEChristmas Town
11.3012:00amABCFAMMOVIERichie Rich's Christmas Wish
12:00amHALMRKMOVIEHitched For The Holidays
12:00amSOAPTV SHOWBeverly Hills, 90210 - Somewhere in the World it's Christmas
1:00amIONMOVIEA Holiday Heist
2:02amLIFEMOVIELove at the Christmas Table
2:30amTBSMOVIEThis Christmas
6:00amHALMRKMOVIEThe Night Before The Night Before Christmas
7:00amPBSCARTOONThe Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas!
9:00amDISNEYCARTOONPhineas and Ferb - Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation
11:00amPBSCARTOONThe Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas!
11:00amDISNEYCARTOONGood Luck Jessie: NY Christmas
12:00pmTVGNSPECIALThe Cast of "A Christmas Story": Where Are They Now
12:00pmLIFEMOVIEA Christmas Romance
1:00pmTBSMOVIESurviving Christmas
2:00pmLIFEMOVIEA Christmas Wedding
3:00pmMTVMOVIETim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
4:00pmLIFEMOVIE12 Men of Christmas
6:00pmLIFEMOVIEChristmas Crash
6:00pmHALMRKMOVIEHitched For The Holidays
7:00pmFOODFOODUnwrapped - Holiday Favorites
7:30pmCMTSPECIALLarry the Cable Guy's Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza
8:00pmCBSCARTOONThe Flight Before Christmas
8:00pmDISNEYCARTOONGood Luck Charlie - A Duncan Christmas
8:30pmDISNEYCARTOONJessie - Christmas Story
10:00pmHALMRKMOVIEA Boyfriend for Christmas

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