It sure seems that some people are just born to argue.  No matter what the subject, there always seems to be someone eager to tell you their point of view or idea about something.

And apparently, it doesn't matter how old the person doing the arguing is.  For example, this 14-month old boy, who doesn't even really have a vocabulary yet, is eager to convince his dad that he should be able to go outside, despite what his dad thinks.

YouTube user and dad, Ryan Delehanty, is simply trying to get his laundry done when his young son attempts to have a conversation with him.  And even though it's impossible to understand what the little one is saying, it's humorous how he politely waits for his dad to respond to his "babble".  Is it possible that this little one will grow up to be either a politician or lawyer?  You just never know.

Now even though I have a 15-year old boy, I'm pretty sure that there are times I'm having this same conversation.  Yes, he does have the same vocabulary as me, however, he is a 15-year old boy and being his mother....our conversations are just as different as this dad and his 14-month old.  Any other parents feel the same way at times?


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