The baby-naming trend of finding "older" sounding names in the family tree is a strong tradition. But how old is too old for a newborn's name? According to Ancestry, these ten once very popular (but now almost non-existent) names could be poised to make a comeback for girls:

  • Bertha
  • Florence
  • Gladys
  • Edna
  • Mildred
  • Ida
  • Dorothy
  • Tammy
  • Ethel
  • Betty

While I reserve judgment on most of these, I'd rule out Edna first. My first - admittingly immature - instinct will always associate the name Edna with the deceased Aunt Edna strapped to the the top of the family truckster in National Lampoon's Vacation. I also don't believe I could name my baby girl 'Bertha' either. I golf with Big Bertha clubs.

It also appears not everyone is on board with the classic names:

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