There are things that you stuff your face with that you know...are going to be putting the pounds on that beautiful body of yours.

Scooping that ice cream into your mouth. Yummy! Hand me over another slice of that pizza. Yes! And please, could you supersize those french fries, please? Thank you!

Yes, there are those foods that we all love but understand we need to have in moderation. You know, the 'once-in-a-while' foods, the ones that you know, if you enjoy too often, are going to make you cringe when you step on the scale.

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But are there things hiding out there in your life that are waiting to pounce, waiting to add an extra pound or two to your frame? Well, it turns out there are and maybe it might help if you're aware of them.

10 Things You Didn't Know Make You Fat But Do

Now, not everything applies to all of us. But maybe there's a thing or two to be aware of. I guess next time I'll just have one scoop of ice cream...and a small fries (and try not to stress about it).

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