As I've firmly asserted, I love Justin Timberlake. I recently saw his 20/20 Experience in Fargo and it was AMAZAZING!

A friend of mine who shares my affection for Justin shared a funny little video with me.  Upon further research, I found out this video is actually a few months old, but it is still hilarious nontheless.

It is from Justin's show in Philadelphia where a 'fan' in the second row flips him off and he has the best reaction ever.

As someone who paid $100ish for seats that were ok'ish to say the least I can't imagine how much second row seats were and if you went just to make him mad then what is the point? A real fan could have plopped their beat in that seat and had a great time!

But Justin is a pro so of course he handles it perfectly and carried on his amazazing show.