So February 7, 2014 will forever be remembered as the day I spent the evening with my 'husband,' Justin Timberlake.

I got myself in my car and drove a combine total of about 8 hours to see him perform in Fargo. While the weather was cold, Justin was not!


I didn't have the greatest seats.  I was in section 55 on the floor, a little to the left of the VIP section. I had a feeling something was going to happen by the VIP section because why would the people who paid the most money sit back in crappy seats where we were?

And I was right.  You'll see.  So here are a few of the videos and pictures from the show.

Keep in mind this is amateur footage and I was trying to contain my excitement.

Here we go!

Did you catch Justin's shout out to Miley in this song! 'Show me what you're twerking with! This ain't no Miley S^&*!'

Oh no he didn't!

I obviously loved the moving stage because it meant I got to get closer to my husband, but the only bad thing about it was that it caused such a mob scene on the floor that I didn't get to enjoy the songs during that part of the show, which were some of my favorites.

He did 'Not A Bad Thing,' which is my favorite song off of part 2 of the 20/20 Experience and a Michael Jackson cover.  As you could hear in some of the videos there was so much going on on the floor that it was hard to focus.

My other most favorite part was his cover of Bel Biv Devoe's 'Poison.'  He even got to put his 90's dance moves to use. I didn't have video of it myself, but I found this video online so you could get the idea. He does his song 'Murder' and then segues into 'Poison.'