Snow storms and blizzards are the norm in South Dakota. Every winter we expect and plan for the days when the wind picks up and the snow falls. When it happens, we gather around our radios and TVs to watch the coverage and track the storm.

From January 9 to 11, 1997 a blizzard ran through South Dakota closing schools and roads. A small amount of snow fell in the storm, but combined with the winds and cold it was a dangerous situation.

Only 2 to 3 inches snowfall occurred...but with the strong winds and existing snow cover visibilities were reduced to zero in open areas. The blizzard from the 9th to the 11th produced wind speeds up to 50 mph and wind chills to 80 below zero. A record low maximum temperature of 12 below zero occurred on the 10th. -NWS Sioux Falls

The reason I bring all this up is I found a video on YouTube of local TV News coverage of the blizzard. You can fall down a deep hole of nostalgia watching old recorded TV transferred to YouTube. This is really interesting because it's Sioux Falls news, it's so cool to see how much has changed in 18 years and what hasn't.

This blizzard included the story of Karen Nelson from Webster, SD who got trapped in her pickup during the storm. She slid into the ditch on her way home from work and was stuck for nearly 40 hours until she was rescued. The story got national attention, with people following the rescue efforts. An interesting part the story is how she used her cell phone to help rescuers find her, and the big deal that was made at the time of the power of the phone.

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