Whether you call it soda or pop, your favorite drink could be in trouble due to the Coronavirus.  How does this impact the Sioux Falls consumers?  Here's what we know.

TODAY recently announced that the Coca-Cola Co. is dealing with production and export issues with Diet Coke and other low-calorie beverages.  Due to the growing concerns of COVID-19, "Coca-Cola warned investors that its supply chain for an artificial sweetener and "certain other ingredients" sourced in China had been disrupted as a result of the outbreak."

This is the good news: TODAY reports that Coca-Cola does have a short-term plan to manage this distribution process.  So for now, Diet Coke lovers don't have much to worry about.

Keep in mind that the Coronavirus is rapidly changing by the hour.  As this virus grows, so does the information.  Make sure you stay up to date with the most recent details by following our news partners at Dakota News Now.

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