You may think you are lazy. But, are you sliced ketchup lazy? Yes, your dreams have been answered. If your dreams were to dress your burger without all the hassles of condiments in bottles.

It is called Slice of Sauce, and the makers are raising production funds on Kickstarter. The slice of ketchup, or maybe we could call it ketchup leather, or ketchup singles, are kind of like a bunch of cheese slices, all stacked and ready to be peeled off and put on your burger.

On the Kickstarter page, they say: "Slice of Sauce™ transforms the traditional condiment aisle with individual 'slices' of Signature Recipe Ketchup in a convenient and mess-free package of 8 portions....Layer it onto your burgers, sandwiches, wraps and more for a delicious burst of flavor and a perfectly portioned bite every time."

The makes say that their product is a "tantalizing layer of flavor and lets you enjoy a perfect bite every time." at first I was not sure why that would be different from the old ways of ketchup consumption. Then it hit me! Mess.

Yes, the sliced condiments would eliminate the dripping and drizzling drops of ketchup that stain clothes. And don't forget what happens to car interiors when you get that drive-thru. Another big plus, as they point out, is no more soggy bread. However, I don't think that I've ever taken so long to eat a hamburger that the bread had a chance to soak anything up.


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