Ever wonder what other people think about the town you live in? What are the stereotypes, whether they're fair or unjust?

We decided to ask our social media audience in fill-in-the-blank form, to figure out what people think of when it comes to living in Sioux Falls.

Here's some of the answers we got in response to: 'You haven't lived in Sioux Falls until...':

  • You've Smelled the Foul Odor of Our Meat Packaging Plant

    Smithfield Packaged Meats, formally known as John Morrell's, has been giving off a foul odor for years. Not only can you smell the aroma while taking in the beautiful sites of the Falls downtown, but at times you can smell it in various other parts of the city - including all the way on the south side, where I live. One thing's for sure: everyone knows that when you visit the Falls, you most certainly will be hit hard with the unappealing scent.

  • You Know Bikini Book Lady's Route

    Most have us have all seen her: the woman who walks for hours outside during the warmer months in nothing but a bikini top and shorts, as she reads a book. She's been around for years. I have to commend her on her reading though. I wish I had the determination to read that many books and for that long. I can barely get through a few pages of any novel without giving up due to boredom or distractions.

  • Enjoyed Local Fried Chicken Eateries

    I guess Sioux Falls is known for.....chicken. A few different people commented on their favorite fried chicken restaurants in the city. I haven't any of them yet, so I definitely need to make that a priority.

  • Enjoyed Our City's Bike Trails

    Sioux Falls does have gorgeous bike trails, which have developed into a popular family activity throughout the years. Whether you want to bike, run or just take a stroll, the scenic and safe bike trails are great for everyone.

  • Gone to Jazz Fest

    The person who commented about JazzFest proves a great point: the weather around the time of the festival each summer is highly unpredictable. Whether it's the severe heat, humidity or even a thunderstorm, there always seems to be some kind of crazy weather activity during those three days. However, no matter the weather, the festival brings thousands of people to our city each year for a weekend full of food, fun and great music.

  • You Complain about 'Bad' Traffic

    Not going to lie, no one wrote this one down. This is my own statement. I understand that traffic in Sioux Falls over the past few years has become a lot worse, especially around 41st St. or Minnesota Ave., but its still not that bad, folks. This is nothing compared to bigger cities across the nation. Lets just hope our quaint little community doesn't get to that level. I just wish people wouldn't complain about the traffic here as much. It isn't a big enough problem that you can use it as an excuse to be late or to miss something.

  • You've Lived There

    This response, posted by Janice Nielsen, was definitely my favorite. Props to you, Janice, that was funny. I mean really, you haven't lived here until you've lived here, right? Thanks for the good laugh.

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