As we looked out the window Saturday (April 14), I saw a most familiar sight, a good ol' South Dakota blizzard. Having growing up and spending my entire life here, I've seen it countless times.

That's until I would realize it was the middle of April. Then it seemed strange to be looking at a full blown Winter storm.

And wow, was this one hard to dig out from! It was wet and heavy. It was like lifting a shovel full of cement.

As soon as the snow stopped falling, my curiosity had me checking the total snow received for the storm. The amount was 14 inches, of course a record for April 14 for Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Then as I looked at more data, I was very surprised at the numbers. This 14 inch snowfall that we just got was the biggest blast of the season.

All Winter we typically received three inches or so here and there. Never a large amount, but we had several snow events.

Believe it or not, we ended up with one and a half times the normal amount. Sioux Falls averages 42 inches per season, but for 2017/2018 we got a total of 64.2 inches.

The crazy part is, 25 inches of it came in April. And crazier yet, the forecast says more is on the way.

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