You don't usually associate the word 'fun' when describing college courses, although I do have vivid memories of one Persuasive Communications class back in the day at Cal State Fullerton when someone brought in a blender and whipped up a batch of margaritas to convince us why the popular cocktail should be the official drink of the Golden State.

That guy got an 'A' for that brilliant idea.

Well, now some students at Iowa State University are getting that rare opportunity to actually have some fun all while getting college credit.

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According to Iowa State Daily, the course, which is officially listed in the class catalog as HON 321v, is called Comedy College.

The whole point of the class is to teach students to be funnier.

So how are they graded?

At their final exams this week, which took place on campus at the Memorial Union's Maintenance Shop, students were required to evoke at least one laugh from a live audience.

In case you're wondering, everyone passed.

ISU Economics Peter Orazem runs the Comedy College course and he told Iowa State Daily that the class is so much more than just getting laughs.

'If you’re able to write your own material and deliver it in a very large, packed audience and not throw up, you can do a lot of other things too. And so I think it’s just a great experience as far as learning how to deliver, but you also learn how to write because to be a successful comedian, you have to be very efficient.'

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