Real estate in the US is on fire. Prices continue to rise month after month. That's certainly the case in the Sioux Falls area too. $100,000 doesn't buy you what it used to here. In fact, it hardly buys you anything that isn't a mobile home or a small condo.

But there are still places in South Dakota where you can buy a house for about the price of a used hatchback. Notice, however, that I didn't say the house would be "move-in ready."

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Let's travel to Winner, South Dakota, and take a tour of the state's least expensive home for sale as of the time of the writing of this article. The two-bedroom, one-bath home at 418 West 1st Street was built in 1915, according to the listing. At 884 square feet, it's not the biggest house in town, but it's cozy. The fenced-in lot is a decent size and there is a storage shed behind the house.

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Google Maps

The gallery below shows the house is in need of total rehab. The listing doesn't say if there are major issues with the house, but the asking price of only $11,000 should leave enough money left over to restore it.

South Dakota's Least Expensive House

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