Over the years, the Great Plains Zoo has given visitors a variety of ways to get 'up close' with the animals at the Sioux Falls facility.

Now the zoo is elevating the animal encounter experience with the opportunity for guests to spend some quality time on the property, from the comfort of their own tent.

The zoo has launched two different on-site camping programs this summer.

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The first is the Zoo Family Camp Outs, where an adult and up to five children, ages six and older, get to spend the night at the zoo, pitching tents near the Rare Rhino exhibit.

The event includes animal encounters, a fire pit, an evening snack, and after dark tour of the Zoo before campers call it a night.

In the morning, there's additional food, as well as another series of animal encounters, and one more tour before the zoo opens for the day to the regular public.

Campers need to supply their own tents, bedding, and lawn chairs.

The cost of the family camp out is $35 for zoo members, $40 for non-members. Reservations are required.

There are currently 40 openings each for August 20-21 and September 10-11 events.

Now, if you're looking for an overnight zoo experience and want to leave the kids behind, you're in luck. The zoo is also offering an Adult-Only Camp Out.

You get the same meals, animal encounters, and tours as the family event, but the adult outing tacks on trivia, complete with beer, wine, and s'mores!

The cost for the adult camp out is $50 for zoo members, $55 for non-members. Reservations are required.

There are currently 30 spots available for the July 30-31 event.

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