Memorial Day weekend is grilling time. I plan on not allowing my grill to cool off.

A trip to the grocery store on Friday includes beef, pork ribs, brats, peppers and all the sides. For that I'll need potato salad, beans and corn on the cob.

As far as grilling tips are concerned, remember not to put too much on the grill at once. A crowded grid is not good. And keep the lid on the grill closed as much as possible.

If you get the meat to the exact level of cooking, you are a grill master. Don't go by guessing, cooking time, feel, or by cutting into the meat to see if it's done.

Those are all the common mistakes. The one and only fail proof method, is measuring the internal temperature of the meat you are cooking.

I have a meat thermometer on me at the grill. It's that simple to getting it perfect every time. Use this as a guideline and adjust the temperatures as you go to fit your desires:

Beef steak 145 degrees
Hamburger 160 degrees
Pork chops 145 degrees
Chicken 165 degrees
Fish 145 degrees

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