I was listening to the radio over the holiday weekend when I heard the hosts mention the penalty for getting busted operating a boat under the influence. There were the obvious penalties like a fine and/or jail time and losing your ability to drive a boat.


In fact, anyone convicted of a BUI (boating under the influence) also loses their automobile driver's license for 90 days!

It turns out you can get a DUI/OUI on a variety of vehicles in Minnesota, including one I never even thought of... a riding lawn mower!

Who hasn't cracked a cold beer, popped on some headphones and ventured outdoors to mow the lawn? Just make sure that you are drinking responsibly, as it is possible to get busted for operating under the influence while using a riding lawn mower.

According to Heefner Law, it is fairly unlikely that you will encounter the police if you are behaving reasonably and on your own property.

"It is important to note that just because you are on your property, you can still be arrested for a DWI/DUI. It is just more unlikely than if you were swerving your way down Main Street on your riding mower."

In fact, there was even a guy in Eyota, Minnesota that got busted for OUI on a lawn mower in 2016. According to authorities he was "well over the legal limit" and faced a second-degree DUI charge.

In 2018, a man who allegedly hasn't had a driver's license since 1978 tried to side-step that small detail by riding a lawn mower around town. He blew a .28 on his way to picking up his NINTH DUI.

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