When I posted a picture of our kids helping tear out carpet in our living room, someone noticed the strange entertainment box pushed to the corner. It was indeed an old school tube television.

I don't know for sure if it's actually a cathode ray tube TV or not, but I know it is HD, up to 1080i resolution. It's smallish compared to modern LED TV's that are huge and cost less than this old dog did on clearance in 2006. But my wife got it as her first HD TV and it's been our primary TV since then. (We were married the following year.)

Why do we have this thing? Well, it still works. Both Crystal and I have a hard time replacing things that still work. Whether it's a TV, a vehicle, or a pair of socks, we didn't feel a pressing need to replace it.

Another reason we still have it is because it is heavy as hell! I don't have an exact measurement, but I would guess this old guy weighs a bulky 80 pounds or more. It isn't fun to move. Today was only the second time it has moved since we moved in to our hose in 2008. The other time was in December of 2016 when we painted.


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