It really blows to have car trouble in the winter. It's even worse when that car trouble leads to you getting robbed at gunpoint.

According to Dakota News Now, a group of women was stranded with car trouble at 12:30 am on Saturday. A friend was called for help and he arrived with two other men. The three men got the woman alone and pulled a gun on her and took a backpack.

Then these master criminals tried to steal the car that was not working. The entire reason they were there in the first place was that the car was broken down.

One of the two suspects, 30-year-old Shawn Michael Long, was already in custody on federal charges. 32-year-old Sterling George Spotted Elk Jr. was arrested on Tuesday. The third man has yet to be charged in this crime but he is in custody on unrelated charges.

I hate to attempt rationalizing criminal behavior but I'm going to for fun. There are two questions that have to be answered if you are trying to steal a car that you know is broken down. The first is do you have a tow truck? The only way to move a car that won't move under its own power is to use a tow truck to drag or haul the vehicle somewhere. If not, don't try to steal the car. The other question is why do you want to steal a car that doesn't work? Sure, it could be parted out. But it would be easier to just wait for someone at a gas station to leave their functioning car running with the keys in and doors unlocked.

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