An argument got heated enough to where a weapon was displayed. A woman was subsequently arrested and some children under her care were taken into protective custody.

Sioux Falls Police Captain Loren McManus says it happened around 9:00 PM Monday at an apartment complex in the area of South Sycamore Avenue and Fanelle Avenue.

“There was a female that had an argument with some friends and there was a knife displayed. It was never used against anybody, so there were five victims who were threatened by this particular person.”

Since the suspect was also the guardian of two children, the arrest meant the youngsters needed attention with McManus adding that officers discovered an additional layer to the situation.

“During that time frame, about an hour or so, these young kids were left alone in the apartment. So officers went and checked on them. Not only were they left alone but there were some conditions that the officers felt weren’t safe for the kids as far as living conditions.”

The 21-year old woman was not named in order to protect the children’s identity, but she was arrested on five counts of aggravated assault. No one was injured during the course of the argument.

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