A British woman was left "shaking with panic" after she mistakenly posted a naked selfie while trying to market and sell her air fryer on eBay.

In a real pressure cooker moment, 26-year-old Emma Jones was confused after receiving "crude" messages asking if "melon" was included in the sale of her Ninja Foodi Max.

According to The World News, Jones scrolled back to her post to see what it was in her advertisement that would have prompted such odd responses.

She was horrified to realize she mistakenly posted a full-length naked mirror selfie as the fifth image in her listing.

It turns out the image was a before photo taken to document from her weight loss journey, and she mistakenly uploaded it in a series of pictures she had posted of her air fryer.

"I took the photo the day before. I uploaded the ad using my mobile phone, so I think I accidentally tapped it while scrolling to select the photo," Jones explained.

Her stripped-down eBay post went viral, and her Instagram account became a popular destination for her "new buyers" to attempt to connect.

"I checked the list after about 24 hours, but I had only 5 views and wasn't interested," Jones said. "I didn't open Facebook and notice the problem until [the next day] I had a lunch break at work. I had about 50 friend requests and about 100 Facebook messages."

"I wasn't happy or thinking about money when I saw bids over $ 1,250. I was just panicking," she shared.

According to The World News, Jones deleted the nude photos immediately, but her post continued to gain popularity, leading her to eventually delete the entire listing.

"I'm angry that I might have been able to get the money now," Jones shared, adding she is still stuck with the air fryer but will try to give it to one of her friends.

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