I have to be honest- I do not camp anymore.  The idea of sleeping in a tent for any amount of time feels like you are choosing to live like a homeless person and calling it a "vacation".  But I do realize that people love to go camping.  I would be much better in an RV or something along those lines.  Or a tent is ok for just one night. I can make it.

But this winter camping thing.  This idea blows my mind.  I remember people talking about doing that since I was in high school.  I don't get it, but it's available.  AND you don't have to spend any time in a tent if you don't want to. You can be a bit more out of the elements and still get that camping "feel" in the wintertime in Minnesota.  Embrace what Minnesota is known for and get out there... if you are into that sort of thing.

Here are some camping options according to the Explore Minnesota website:

There are options such as staying in a camper cabin or in a yurt.  I will admit that staying in a yurt does have some appeal.  SImply to say that you have stayed in one.

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There are 20 different parks throughout the state that have camper cabins that you can use in the winter.  There are a couple of rules when it comes to cooking.  Basically other than a crockpot or a coffee maker, cooking is not allowed.  But you can outdoor cook with a grill or, if you are super adventurous you can cook over an open flame campfire.  Live like you are in the old west.  Or at least the image that I get when I think about cooking over an open flame campfire.  Most of the camper cabins do not allow pets either, so you will need to find a furry friend baby sitter.

There are three different parks in Minnesota that offer a yurt as an option for winter camping.  These are available at Afton, Cuyuna and Glendalough.  They all have beds, a table and a wood burning stove.  None of them have electricity and can hold up to six people.  Huddle together for warmth.  Or, make sure you have enough wood to last throughout the night.  I feel like you'd be living in an episode of Little House on the Prairie for no good reason other than to experience the "roughing it " lifestyle.  Could be fun...for a day.

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