Nothing is more enjoyable than going on vacation. What makes it even more exciting is traveling to another county.

Over the weekend I recently planned a trip up to Canada to visit the city of Winnipeg. During the four days I was up there I explored the beautiful English Garden near the Assiniboine Zoo. The Forks Market in downtown Winnipeg and even attended a CFL football game.

But one of the most interesting things I learned about this unique town is that it is home to a $1 million toilet!

Photo by Jonny V
Photo by Jonny V

Mon Ami Louis Brasserie Restaurant was founded in 2015 and is described as approachable and affordable French cuisine.

The restaurant is on a bridge over a river. In order to operate a restaurant, you need water and a toilet. The cost comes from running water and sewer lines to the middle of the bridge where the restaurant is located. The plumbing itself wasn't overly expensive but ensuring it doesn't freeze in winter was, therefore, you have the $1 million toilet.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to see this iconic site but people who hear of this story dine at the restaurant just to take a pic of the most expensive toilet in Canada.

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