HGTV has a series that began last year called "The Ugliest Home in America" where Retta, best known from Parks and Recreation, goes from state to state in search of the "Ugliest Home in America" and if they "win" they will get a remodel worth $150,000 from designer Alison Victoria from "Windy City Rehab", which is another GHTV production.

Last season, the well known (in this area, anyway) Poseidon House was in the running.  Retta goes around, picks a few from each region, and then from those, she picks the one that will be a finalist for the "winner".  I watched the show, and for the life of me, I can't imagine how the Poseidon house didn't win. The only justification for that would be that it would take way more than the allotted $150,000 to fix that thing.

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Minnesota is in the running again.  For season 2, there is a house featured in the Great Lakes area.  There is an Instagram Post from Zillow Gone Wild with some pictures of the home.  It's kind of Gothic in a way.  Some of the rooms seem like they wouldn't function well. Others show strange windows and doors that apparently don't open as they should.  There is a giant lion out from that weighs an exorbitant amount  - like 150 pounds, according to the post.


The show has 6 episodes.  Each episode features a different area in the United States.  Next there is a spinoff that is titled "Ugly in Paradise".  Season 1 ran, as far as a season 2, it has not yet been renewed.

Tune in to find out if the "Ugly" house in Minnesota wins the remodel or not.  The episode featuring the Minnesota home is this Sunday night, August 7th. 

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