Will.i.am is the latest rapper to collaborate with Miley Cyrus. Hot on the heels of the iTunes release of the former 'Hannah Montana' starlet's hook girl contributions to Snoop Lion's 'Ashtrays and Heartbreaks,' her duet with Will, 'Fall Down,' has hit the Internet.

With a danceable beat and backing whistles, Cyrus and the Black Eyed Pea exchange come ons: "You're like an elevator / 'Cause you always pick me up / You're like my doctor / When I'm sick you always stitch me up / You could be my DJ / I'm your record, come and mix me up / You're my lollipop / C'Mon, let me lick you up." However, we suspect Cyrus' favorite lyric is the one in which Will tells his lady love that she "takes him higher / Like your name was Mary Jane."

There are lots of synths, whistles and a danceable beat that will likely garner the song some comparisons to Kesha's 'Die Young' or 'Crazy Kids' off of her 'Warrior' album. The track closes with strings and distortion.

In certain parts, Cyrus sounds alternately bored, flat or overenthused, and Will makes a rhyme using "chip" and "dip," so it's unclear whether they'll each win over new fans with this track. However, those starving for some will "#willpower" goodies or new Cyrus sounds should be held up by 'Fall Down.'

Listen to Will.i.am, 'Fall Down' Feat. Miley Cyrus

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