Will.i.am has leaked yet another song off of '#willpower,' this time a collaboration with K-Pop group 2NE1. 'Gettin' Dumb' has pretty appropriate lyrics for the song's title, but the song itself a catchy mix of hip-hop, pop and K-Pop.

The gals and Will team up for gems like, "I've been working everyday / I've be waiting for time to play / Call all my people / Let's paint the town / Bring that fire / Let's burn it down / I've been serious all the time / And tonight I'll lose my mind / I've been working all week but tonight we're gettin' dumb / We're gettin' dumb / We go out / Get dumb / We drink / Get dumb." On the bright side, that's a lot less offensive than 'Let's Get Retarded.'

2NE1's Bom and CL spit rhymes and sing beautifully, but the other gals are virtually inaudible over the beat. Will serves essentially as a hype man for the ladies, only occasionally inserting a few ad libs and hardly a full verse.

This is likely the first collabo between 2NE1 and will.i.am that most American audiences have heard, but it likely won't be the last -- he's producing their U.S. debut, thought it has no set release date just yet.

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