A media mogul’s land transaction near Fort Pierre means some mustangs get moved to a ranch owned by the cowboy Powerball winner.

The contrast between Ted Turner and Neil Wanless pushes the outer boundaries of the spectrum on both sides. Turner is the flamboyant one who used the rise of cable television to make billions. By holding a winning Powerball ticket that netted over $85 million after taxes, Wanless became instantly rich.

There is now a loose tie between the two because of Turner’s purchase of a ranch near Fort Pierre. Ted has been an owner of land in South Dakota for about a decade and has been running buffalo on the Bad River Ranch.

According to the Pierre Capital Journal, Turner closed on the purchase of the Triple U Ranch earlier this year which is very near the land he already owns. At the time of the sale there were both buffalo and wild horses on the property. As part of the agreement the horses needed to be moved.

Apparently the previous owner of the Triple U had a contract with the Federal Bureau of Land Management to oversee the herd. That brings Wanless into the picture who owns a significant amount of land in Butte County.

Wanless doesn’t actually take ownership of the horses. The government pays another company based in Midland, South Dakota to be the caretakers. Also fences were constructed on the Wanless land so that the unbroken horses would not impede on other operations in the area.

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