In a stunning video that's making the rounds on the internet, a wild grizzly bear approached a man near an Alaskan river, and plopped himself next to the chair, admiring the view.

The man in the video is Drew Hammond, a nature photographer. Hammond was set up near a river, photographing the Grizzly Bears, fishing for salmon.

Alaskan Grizzlies are currently fishing for salmon, almost non-stop at this point. Mid-August through about Mid-September is prime salmon season in Alaska.

The bears come from hundreds of miles away to catch these salmon who are making their run, back to the place of their birth to lay their eggs. This is what's called "The Salmon Run" and many bears depend on it for survival, as it plays a crucial role in how many calories the bears will have before it's time to hibernate.

In this video, the man is obviously a bit startled by the bear, who surprises him from behind. The man was busy photographing the other bears in the river and likely never heard the grizzly approach his site. The bear surveys the area, sits down to take a load off, and... well, watch the video below to see what happens next.

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