Sioux Falls residents have a free and convenient option when it comes to disposing of their HHWs or (Household Hazardous Waste) and that is at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility.

If you haven't ever visited the local Hazardous Waste Facility, they are going to be asking you for one very important item before you are allowed to drop off those hazardous waste items; and that is your South Dakota driver's license.

But why do they need your ID? And better yet why do they scan your ID before you drop off your hazardous waste?

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The answer is quite simple.

They are double-checking to see which county you are registered in:

"The Household Hazardous Waste Facility, or HHW Facility, is a permanent drive through drop-off location that allows residents of Lake, Lincoln, McCook, Minnehaha or Turner Counties to properly dispose of unwanted hazardous and electronics materials for free. The HHW facility does NOT accept waste from organizations such as businesses, farms, nonprofit organizations, churches, schools, and governmental entities..."

Those who live within one of the five counties can use the services of the Household Hazardous Waste Facility on Tuesday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and
Saturday 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

With COVID-19 staff members have been told to grab the HHW from your vehicle's trunk or hatch instead of you the resident leaving the vehicle or keeping it in the main part of your vehicle.

The materials will then be sorted for reuse, recycling, or disposal after they have been removed from your vehicle.

Sioux Fall's  Household Hazardous Waste Facility is located below North Cliff Avenue Hill at 1015 East Chambers Street.

Source: City of Sioux Falls

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