Well the 2016 election is upon us and by the end of the night we will know who is the next president of the United States. But have you ever wondered why we vote on Tuesday? Well the reason is mainly because of Religion and farmers.

In 1845, Congress passed a law naming the Tuesday after the first Monday in November as Election Day for national elections. See before the law came into effect, states to set their own date just as long as they did it with a certain time. Congress believed that people may be influenced by those results and thus the law came into effect.

Ok, so the law is passed but why don't we vote on the weekends and why November? The reason, most people were devoted to their Sunday worship services, so you can count the weekend out. As for November, well it's after the harvest, so the farmers wouldn't miss time in their fields.

Wednesdays wouldn't work because that was the day farmers sold their goods at market and it took them a long time to travel to a polling location.

But Tuesday would work perfectly because people could attend church Sunday, travel to their county's courthouse to be ready to vote on Monday, vote on Tuesday and be at the market by Wednesday.

Source: azfamily.com