Times are changing, but when it comes to who should pay on a first date, traditional dating rules still apply.

Money and SurveyMonkey asked 4,447 people, "Should men pay on a first date?", overall 78% of respondents agreed, 20% disagreed, and 2% had no answer.

Breaking down by gender, 85% of men agreed they should pay, while only 72% of women agreed.

When single women were asked, 33% said men shouldn't feel obligated to pay for on the first date.

So how much is too much when it comes to the bill?  Overall, 41% of said $25 to $49 is appropriate.  43% of men said they spend between $50 and $99 on a first date.

And guys, I wouldn't advise using a gift certificate to pay on a first date if you want to see her again.  Personal experience talking here.

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