Have you ever wondered who is the largest private landowner in the Mount Rushmore State? According to a recent study, it's someone you've probably heard of.

Just how much land is it? Around 142,000 acres.

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Not only is this person the largest private landowner in South Dakota, they're also own the most real estate in 7 other states and owns the third most amount of private land in the entire United States.

So, who owns the most private land in South Dakota?

You've probably heard of him. His name is Ted Turner, founder of CNN, TNT, and TBS.

Turner's land sprawls across a large section of central South Dakota. According to his website, Turner's Bad River Ranch is home to a large amount of wildlife, including bison, elk, mountain lions, pheasant, mule deer, pronghorn and a number of other unique animals.

What about some of South Dakota's neighbors? Well, in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, Molpus Woodland Group (an investment company in timber) holds the biggest chunk of land. In Iowa, Liberty Media takes the cake. And in Nebraska, just like South Dakota, Ted Turner has the biggest amount of real estate.

To see the full list of largest landowners, state by state, check out the article from World Population Review here.

Story Source: World Population Review

Story Source: Ted Turner Website


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